Bingbong of Brackenwood

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Jul 022002

Originally Bingbong was to be the main character in Brackenwood and I began to build the world around him, including a nemesis named Mortis. The way things turned out though, Mortis was renamed to Bitey and was instantly more interesting. It wasn’t long before that cruel little devil stole the limelight away from Bingbong completely.

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  1. I have loved your work since 2005 when i first met bitey on new grounds when is the film out!!

  2. I just want to let you know I also have been a fan ever since 2004 when you submitted Bitey. I have followed along and remember when this site was only a 2 or 3 pages big. You have done a lot of work on it since I have been gone doing other things. I congratulate you on your hard work and extremely happy to have had the chance to see your work and progress.

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    -Shane J, a.k.a. Fatrat454

  3. I absolutely love your work, it reminds me a little of Zelda, a gameconsole.

  4. I love your world also and am glad that Bitey became the main character. I appreciate the non-white knight types. Too bad he wasn’t a saturday morning cartoon… or something on adult swim for that matter.

  5. I agree w/ trever.

  6. jajajaja en verdad tus animaciones no carecen de imaginacion. Tus animaciones han sido de gran inspiracion para mi al continuar con mi exploracion respecto a la animacion….

  7. Just finished all the brackenwood videos so far. I went backwards by acident…Still some of if not the best animation ive ever seen, with a detailed world and characters. I love it, and im glad you went with bitey, a non human-like face is easier to relate too and i like his charactr all around. Cant wait for more.

  8. hey i want to download the all the brackenwood stories!! i’m a huge fan of yours and i’ve loved bitey since the first time i saw him.

  9. I’m so glad that you chose Bitey to be the main character, if Bingbong was the main character, not only will so many fans be crying in their bedroom, but they’ll be pissed.

  10. i think there need to be mo vids on how the drashkin where wiped out

    • hello, I personaly think that we can ask Adam to add more episodes / videos about a hero bitey or bingbong… but we don’t have to tell him about the content of these episodes, i believe that adam’s creativity is LLAAARGE enough to come with ideas about the world he created better that what your proposing, what if he thinks that the wipe out of the dashkin should stay a mystery ?? Let him SURPRISE us 😀

      • Umm Omar i don’t want how the dashkin got wiped out to be a mystery I want too know how they got wiped out because I agree with jj. kk?

    • Me too or Bitey should find another dashkin or something like that.But a vid on how the dashkin were wiped out would be cool too.

  11. Who do you get your weed from? :DD

  12. this is a truly great series and im quite glad you thought this up in the first place.i find a lot of humor in this, and thats usually what makes me happy. I do quite often wonder why you dont go ahead and write a script for this and send it to a entertainment company (make sure to copyright it first so they dont just freakin steal it) and have them make it into a movie or a t.v. show. actually you should send this to Cartoon Network and have them do just that. their quite good with this kind of thing, and it would fit right in with the kind of shows their making these days. might even land yourself a job there.


  13. i love bitey and i cant wait for the next episope im dieing to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. what happened to bitey plz tell me because im so totally lost with this vid so if anyones watching plz tell me

    • I can’t help you because i’m in the same situation! So I know how you feel . But I’ll ask around to see if I can get some answers and if i get some I’ll tell you.

  15. I wanna see a video about bitey beating the crap out of bingbong, lol. Naw, jk.

  16. Is Eli your son? Awww.


  18. did he like just pwn them

  19. . I wish to congratulate you on your work, it is amazing and I hope you continue for a very long time to tell the truth I believe You made an excellent choice making Bitey (Mortis) the Main character. I can connect with him better since I have been a fan of Sonic so long.

  20. OMG!! did any one notice that bingbong is the creature that peed into the river while Bitey was drinking there from episode Prowlies at the river 😛

  21. I honestly think you should make more bitey videos because first they rock and second in the last of the dashkin video it says to be continued but it never was or was it can somebody tell me what video can after the last of the dashkin . I’d really appreciate it thanks

  22. What order do the videos go in? Help? Anybody? Somebody?

  23. LOL!!! He stepped on them all.

  24. POWND!

  25. I love the music, I’ll never get tired of it.

  26. PLEASEEEEE MAKE MORE CLIPS WITH BITEY IN THEM….. i wanna see if he fins out about his past… and i love your imagination btw 😀

  27. wow i really like this video that whole don’t dance or play with the fairies is from irish lore they believed that if you did you would die and your soul would be trapped to wander the land forever they have many stories like that i’m gald you used it for this video

  28. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  29. Well, I don’t care what other people have posted in the past. I’ve always loved Bingbong, his giggle makes me giggle and maybe I’m just bias to red hair because I have it, but it is Bingbong’s dumb-wonder and excitement that I can relate too! Sometimes life is more fulfilling when you just turn that thinking switch off and just enjoy. But I do love Bitey(Mortis) also because of his misfortune and his human emotions. I love them both as opposing characters, maybe one day we’ll see direct interaction between the two, but I’ve lived this long with out so I’ll continue to treasure this flash as a Pick-Me-Up because of Bingbong.

    • BingBong made an appearance where the two has semi direct contact in Prowlies and the River. BingBong was the one peeing in the river x3

  30. You should seriously keep adding stories about Bitey. I’ve been a fan for years and since I last watched the videos to now, there has only been two new videos. The two new ones don’t even feature Bitey. 🙁

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