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Mar 052009
These PDF Chapters teach you how to use Flash for graphics and animation. The chapters demonstrate with Flash CS3, but the techniques covered should apply from Flash 8 to Animate CC.

Flash Chapter 1 – 28 pages – (541kb)This is a free introductory chapter. Click the thumbnail img to see the Table of Contents.
Written for complete beginners, it will help you get to know the Flash CS3 interface and make some frame-by-frame animation from scratch.

Free Download HERE

Tools Chapter 2 – 50 pages – (1.1Mb) This chapter covers all of the Flash CS3 tools that the animator will need.
Written as a practical guide, rather than a technical manual, you can read the chapter from start to finish, or just skip directly to the parts you want from the Table of Contents.

Free Download HERE

Graphics Chapter 3 – 56 pages – ( 5.5Mb) A comprehensive and visually rich chapter on creating graphics in Flash.

Free Download HERE

Animation Chapter 4 – 76 pages – ( 20Mb) This’ll keep you busy for a while. Giant chapter 4 is all about how to make stuff move in Flash.
Includes 12MB of bonus video material!

Free Download HERE

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  1. Got all the chapters. About a third of the way through chapter 4. Really liking them so far. The casual tone and jokes in them makes it more interesting to read than most books I’d pick up in a store. When is Chapter 5 due out?

    Or in the mean time, can you suggest any good books or sites where I can learn effects?

  2. So.. I have CS 5, they completely mucked up the interface and I can’t find anything. it’s supposedly “nicer” but it lacks the directness. It also isn’t clear as to how to make a pre-loader for flash with it. and the tutorial book either puts me to sleep with yet another WEB INTERFACE TRICK, or doesn’t’ illuminate. I guess Flash’s emphasis is now towards designer and Web Content weenies than animators any more. Suggestions?


    • I would strongly recommend Flash for simple web projects. It’s a very capable timeline animation tool, but if you’re going to get serious someday with short films or an ongoing series for television broadcast, then you’re better off with ToonBoom software.

      Unfortunately Adobe – and even Macromedia before them – have long been gearing Flash more toward web and application development side of things, than animation. As animators we’ve always found ourselves fighting against Flash on every project. When you’re first starting out with digital 2D animation, that’s strangely part of the charm of Flash.. inventing workarounds for the things you can’t normally do.. pushing the software beyond what its limitations normally dictate.

      When it comes to coding simple objects (buttons, preloaders) Flash CS5 does seem very different but it’s only a matter of spending a half day learning where everything is. Once you know how to make a play/replay button in CS5, put it in a text file on your desktop, or maybe email instructions to yourself so you can search for them later.

      • Ugly . ugly work arounds. Also the problem with CS5 is that all the tutorials for it are behind paywalls. As I have little experience with Flash BEFORE CS5 (got Creative Suite for a job, and wanted to know if my 2D animation Education might be worth something again). It’s enough to driveme back into the arms of Maya.

  3. So what exactly will be in chapter 5, so far all of them have been super helpful to me.

  4. Hey just read first 2 free ones D: preety good tbh skipped first one and half of the second tho im preety experienced gonna buy em just wanted to know of it teacher you like background art and stuff aswel?? the 3 and 4th chapter?

    • yes chapters 3 and 4 go into great depth on doing painting backgrounds and animating characters. Before you buy, you can check out the Table of Contents for each chapter (just click the chapter thumbnail image).

  5. these are awsome!!!!! thanks for posting them up you really helped!!!

  6. Hi Adam,
    I’m interested in buying your book, but it’s not easy to get VISA card in my country. So, do you accept western unions? I know this is crazy since the maximum price is 15$, but I don’t know better ways. If yes, then let me know please.

    Thanks in advance

    • I’m sorry but PayPal is the only payment method I can take at the moment. It’s not limited to Visa however.. you can use a direct debit from your bank account to pay by eCheck, so you don’t need a credit card.

  7. I loved chapter one and two, it provided me with a nice foundation to flash. Im intrested in buying chapter 3 and 4 but money is tight. And i was wondering if we pay the minimum amount for the tutorials do we lose out on any extras or videos? I am a student and want to absorb all you have to offer. So can anyone let me know if they recieved any extras when they paid the full price… ?
    Sorry for being so cheap.

    • I see any amount as a huge help to me, so I certainly don’t regard the lower amounts as cheap. The reason I’ve given buyers various payment amount options is because I know what it’s like to be low on cash, but still have a strong desire to learn. Everyone, regardless of how much or how little they pay, gets the same chapter and accompanying files 🙂

  8. Hey Adam These are great ebooks i got em all so far and i have been waiting for chapter 5 to come out on fx which i need a bit of help in been waiting for ages can you please finish it and release it 😀

  9. Really enjoyed reading and learning from the 4 chapters so far. Nice work. And I am REALLY looking forward to chapter 5 on effects.

  10. I really can’t wait for chapter 5! I know your busy but maybe a word about when you think its coming.

  11. hey adam,
    we want more tutorials, eagerly awaiting for chapter 5.

  12. I’m definitely doing these lessons, looking forward to it, I’ve been a huge fan for years

    me –

    I can’t wait to learn from a real favorite of all time. Your flash animations are the least computer animated looking that I’ve ever seen, a true and rare achievement.

  13. A very well educated book, includes humor and down to earth instructions. Detailed to the tip and very informal, provides step by step on every aspect of animating in flash. Adam you are truly amazing, a new role model in my flash life,been in it since i was little and found out more at every page turn.Completed chapter 4 this morning and will continue to look in the others about shading and such which is my weak point. 10/10!!

  14. hey adam

    long time follower, first time caller!

    I ove your style and as a wannabe animator I payed for your chapter 3 and 4 book thingys (by echeque). they have cleared but i have no idea where to access the files from :s

    what to do?

  15. You said you had chapter 5 in the works on july 6th 2010, is it still in the works? or are you ending it here at 4?

  16. Is there anyway to get these chapters for free i live in india so its impossible for me to use paypal or anyhting like that, i really want to learn ,im inspired by yoour work so would you please consider putting chapter 3 and 5 for free?

  17. Hey Adam! I know i’m late with the pledging but i still want to donate some money towards this game or just to help you out. one of the two.
    Someday, i’ll be animating myself. I’ve been doing a lot of 3d work lately but i still rather be a 2d animator because that stuff is much more fun. My instructor is a former 3d matchmover for batman begins and other movies. I wish i could learn some techniques to 2d animation. there a way to help me out?

  18. Thank you Adam for giving your time and energies to producing the first two chapters. I am very keen to continue with the rest once I’ve completed those. It’s fantastic to have these as a resource and will help me no end. PS Love biteycastle!

  19. Thanks mate, those are some nice books. They thought me more than my animation teacher (who succeeded into teaching an entire class absolutely nothing about animation in an entire year).

  20. thanks for the jokes in the chapters, loving it, bought chapters 3-4 after playing with the first chapter, glad you are busy(I can see why) hope you make time for chapters 5 ++++
    thanks, going to buy into your fx academy soon.

  21. Adam,
    Tremendous job on your tutorials! I bought and downloaded everything on Flash and I have to tell you, this is the clearest instruction I’ve come across! I can’t thank you enough! One question though, I read that you prefer TB Animate. I’ve tried Studio and it doesn’t stack up to the ease of Flash. I’m assuming TB Animate corrected all the drawbacks Studio had and now surpasses even Flash? Again, great job!

  22. Thanks a lot for the tutorials but… what happened to chapter 5?

  23. Can you please add Payza support? I cannot buy your courses because of limited account Paypal and i don’t want to wait!

  24. Any news on chapter 5?…

  25. Hi Adam,

    I came here to buy chapters 3 and 4, but it looks like I can’t find their links. Did something happen to the chapters, or am I looking in the wrong place?

    • When you buy the chapters, you’ll be emailed the links. Those links expire in 48 hours, however, so if that expires, just email me through my contact form and I can reactivate them for you.

  26. Adam,

    I purchased all four chapters and never received download link for chapters 3 and 4. please advise.


    • errrrr… chapters 3 and 4 as 1 and 2 are free…


    • Send me an email via the Contact form and let me know what email address you used for the purchase. I’ll look into it for you.

  27. i just come across this your site and am interested on getting those stuff do you still continue with it?

  28. Hi,

    I was about to buy those two last chapters ( 3 and 4 ) but once i try to buy them through the cart it says “this product combination does not exist”. I tried a few things but it wouldn`t let me through. Would you have a solution for this?

    • Hi Krister, those two chapters are pretty well outdated these days and I only recently took them down as they’d got down to selling only 1-2 per year. I have been thinking of putting them back here as free chapters, so I’ll try to get to that soon.

  29. HI, Sir,
    me i have your help i just want to ask the link or the code of virtual camera, if it is okay for you just a need for the sake of my project needs

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