The Cold Man

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Mar 162004
The Cold Man

Newcastle , NSW Australia Told to me by my uncle in 1988 When he was in his mid 20s one of my uncles, Lionel, lived with a house-mate in a small apartment house in the suburb of Maitland, near Newcastle back in the late 80’s. I forget the other guy’s name, so I’ll just call ►►

The Face

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Mar 162004

Approx. 1am on a deserted country road. 1973 In his prime, my father was a Rugby League football hero and played for the ‘Country’ team against ‘City’ in the early to mid 70’s. On one occasion, the entire team travelled by bus to a town called Queanbeyan, and this incident took place when my mother ►►

The Man on the Beach

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Aug 032003

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia 1991 I was living in a caravan on Queensland’s Gold Coast from 1989-1991, and in that time I worked in a steel factory. One day while operating a giant mesh-welding machine, my glove caught on a spinning shaft and pulled my arm into the machine. As my arm was wrapped around ►►

The Water Tank

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Jul 122003

The Small country town of Trangie NSW, Australia. 1959 TRANGIE is where my dad was born and raised. It is still a tiny town and 50 years ago it was probably less than half the size. My dad, Phil is the eldest, and has 5 other siblings: four brothers and a sister. Way back then, ►►


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Feb 032003

 As with nightShift, this is another true story told to me by my father. Once again, it’s a story he heard from workmates around the fire at morning tea time. In this case it was a young fellow telling the story of his hitchHiking nightmare.HitchHiker and its sequel got me a lot of recognition long ►►


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Oct 262002

[swfobj src=”/flash/biteycastle/nightshift.swf” width=”550″ height=”400″ align=”center” required_player_version=”10″]NightShift[/swfobj] A true story told to me by my father. No, this didn’t happen to him. It happened to an old workmate of his, who told the story one morning at tea break. If this happened to me, I’d never have told anyone!