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Brackenwood in 2018

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Feb 062018
Brackenwood in 2018

At the end of 2017 we released BrackenSack Early Access and I set up my own games company; Brackenwood Games. As Kirk (engineer) and I head for Steam in ~8 months we’ve scheduled game updates for every 3 weeks. I have streamed – and will continue to stream – development every weekend on my Twitch ►►

Unreal Brackenwood

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Jun 082017

As you may know, Brackenwood is a 2D animated series created in vector animation software. I started making early Brackenwood in Flash (Adobe Animate) and now in Toon Boom Harmony. Like most cartoon-style 2D, characters are generally outlines filled with colour. The result is often called ‘cel-shaded’ effect. I’ve been super excited about the prospect of dynamic ►►

Moving a castle

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Apr 282017

If you’re a member of the FX course or an otherwise regular castle visitor, you may have noticed some things have changed in the past few days. My Dashkin collaborator, Kirk Sexton (aka ambientenergy) has taken some time aside from the game to help me move the site. As anyone knows, when you roll ►►

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