Auld Sage

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Aug 032002


My first music clip. When I heard this song I pictured the Auld Sage singing it. I thought it’d be a good opportunity to animate him.

Music: “Life is for living”
from Coldplay’s album ‘Parachutes’
© 2000 EMI RecordsLtd.

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  1. Kind of short but the animation is nice. I liked the waterfall the most of all your environmental scenes.

  2. i kinda miss wait for bitey to appear 🙁
    however i liked the auld sage, he’s lovely <3

  3. Wow, nice mimics.

  4. jaja no puedo creerlo animador, musico jajaja aunque solo fue de bajado de un cerro fue interesante…. aunque habiendo bisto ya todas tus animaciones no es la mejor…..

  5. wow, it’s been a little while since i’ve last stopped by and the site certainly has changed. this is one of my favorites, something about it. great work, i’ve been a fan for a long time!

  6. why does the Auld Sage go in to the water in the end ? going to gather Waterlollies?just wanted to know Awesome clip

  7. I’ve never seen this, since I have only watched your videos on Newgrounds, but this is really good! And I think it’s really cool that I finally know who was dining with Wee!!

  8. I love this video so much I set it as my default page.
    I just think it’s adorable. I’m not even a fan of Coldplay, though I do like this song.

  9. In no way do i mean ANY disrespect to Mr.Phillips or his work because i love it all not just for the quaility but for its nature… im a teenager so random and sometimes stupid is perfect for anything with me really. But if the Auld Sage is the smartest living thing on Brakenwood wouldnt he atleast have some pants? I mean Wee had a robe & hat so id assume that he could get some. Of course this isnt my work so i have no say its just something that stood out to me. But ya i still think this viedo is GREAT!! 😛

    • Wow, you’re a moron… >:O

    • Pfft. Who needs pants? lol. jk.

    • hes also old, maybe it just slipped his mind to put them on. lol jk

    • Pants do not symbolize intelligence. Clothing is a mere consolation for people who do not feel comfortable with the way they look. In my opinion, we should abolish clothes all together– only wear them when we’re cold. And c’mon, let’s face it, everything is much more comfy and fun without pants.

      • That is not entirely correct. I am not sure why or exactly when proto-humans started to shed their fur, but it’s as it is and clothes are just a protection against the elements – wind, water, coldness…
        The concepts of modesty and intimacy came up when it wasn’t necessary for survival anymore to wear clothes all the time.
        Which I think is sad, the world could be such a much richer place if wouldn’t hide our souls under and strangle our hearts with brand clothing.

    • Heey Be Nice To Dem

    • It says right in the beginning of the video that he is a bigfoot, and that he lost all of his hair with age.
      Maybe since hair used to cover his entire body, including his genitalia, he got used to it, and just did not ever bother with pants later on when he got older.

      Do most old men bother with wigs just because they grow bald? In reality, actually, baldness in humans is often associated with inteligence.

    • Just rediscovered Brackenwood on newgrounds and of course the first animation I come to has 15 year old me being… well it’s embarrassing looking at that old post to say the least. I’ve re-watched the Auld Sage do his hairless night singing though and I’ve got to say, now that I’ve matured a bit, what I perceived as goofy and nonsensical now strikes me as nothing more than carefree. I hope to /look forward to seeing more of this bald bigfoot in the future.
      As for all the commentary younger me was able to attract I have to say I agree with a lot of you. Pants may be over rated but looking at things now I no longer think the Auld Sage’s lack of them reflects on his intelligence. Instead I think Mark has a very sensible argument about all-covering hair being what the sage had grown used to and by now is just comfortable being nude as a result.

      So to wrap this up I apologize for my previous statement and thank you all for pointing out what should have been obvious from the get-go.

  10. i would love to meet this auld sage he sounds quite nice and idc if he doesnt wear pants he can do whatever he wants…

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