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Jul 152014

Animate :: Animate Pro :: Harmony

Animate to Harmony

Learn three Toon Boom programs from one book in “Animate to Harmony”, coming in September. The book covers Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony. To get a 20% discount, order from the Focal Press website and enter the discount code A2H20 at the checkout. You also get free shipping on orders over $35.

The book’s Focal Press page now lists the Table of Contents so you can see what the book covers. Also, the following video – developed for the book’s companion website – is from the Focal Press YouTube channel and I introduce particles in Harmony, and a short how-to series will soon follow.


Although I did it over a year ago, my Super Saiyan .GIF recently went viral for the second time, thanks to Mexican soccer coach Miguel Herrera’s sideline antics at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Just before Mexico’s match with Netherlands, I was interviewed by Slate and also Vice where I outline my process in making the .GIF.

As you may or may not already know, I animated it in just under 2 hours using Toon Boom Harmony. On Imgur to date, it has clocked up over 7.6 million views. If you’re interested in seeing the process in timelapse, check out the video below from my YouTube channel.


Current projects

Right now I feel very lucky to be working on a couple of really cool jobs. I’m working with Riot Games on FX concept work and keep an eye out for my name on the credits of Bob’s Burgers as a storyboard artist! And then please send me a package containing lots of money. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I sent you heaps of money in a package but it came back marked Return to Sender???

  2. That’s awesome. Out of Riot’s thousand or something employees, your definitely the most valuable. I hope you make the big bucks with all the time you work, can’t wait to see what your working on and play dashkin. I’m totally donating to you when you release that game.

    • Thanks Joel! Hope to release the game this year but the sad fact is that progress has slowed to a crawl and appears stuck at 90%. It’s always on our minds but increasingly difficult to find the time to actually finish it :/

  3. Looking forward to getting my hands on this!

  4. Is Dashkin dead?

  5. I wanted to see the full stream of that, but apparently a lot of streaming sites are starting to remove archived videos. Hope you find some time to do another one; I’d love to see your process in real time!

    • yeah it turns out you can no longer access the full stream on, but tbh I think 1½ hours of watching me draw in silence is quite boring.

  6. When is the release date for this? I’m coming from Flash and I want to start learning ToonBoom someday, so this should help me a lot. 😉

    • The US release date is September and we’re looking into a simultaneous release worldwide. That’s still being decided though, so depending on what country you’re in, it could be up to a few weeks later.

      • Yeah, my brother’s in US and he will get it for me. Just checking if what you mean by September is really really September because some would post September then turns out it’s a preorder date, etc. So first week of September is a safe bet? Or later weeks?

        Too much September in one post. 🙂

  7. Glad to hear that the book is coming out in September. I just pre-ordered it. Just in time as I take most of my vacation around that time and hopefully it will help me improve my animation.

    I’ve been trying to get back in to animating again. I haven’t really done much since the FX course you did here. Have you ever thought of doing the same thing that you did for FX but for character animation?

  8. Once again Adam, excellent work, and I’m greatly looking forward to getting the book. Still curious if you’ll be signing any that we could purchase here. Thanks again, and keep up the awesome work.

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