Above and Below

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Dec 062018

My latest project is the Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series where I introduce Brackenwood wildlife in short documentary-style episodes with voice over narration. The first episode was Fatsack, the second episode under construction is Prowlies.

Update Dec 11, 2018: The completed scene, now with creature animation and finishing touches.

All the animation and FX are animated frame by frame in Toon Boom Harmony, but there’s also digital treatments like particles and surface reflections. As mentioned in a recent post, I created the 3D environment in Unreal Engine, then exported various angles as images which I then imported into Harmony. Much quicker than taking 8-10 hours painting each background by hand.

If you’re interested in watching these projects take shape, drop in to my Twitch stream on weekends.

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  1. Always come back here every few years. Brilliant art.

  2. Like the direction, been watching your stuff for 15 years! A pillar of the internet as far as i’m concerned 😉

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