A2H – now available!

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Oct 102014

My new book, Animate to Harmony: The Independent Animator’s Guide to Toon Boom is officially released! You can now order through Amazon or the Focal Press website.


If you’ve already got your copy, why not drop me a review on Amazon?

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  1. Hi there, great there is a book now, bummer the Harmony interface just got changed. Will there be an update or will updated version be a new book that has to be purchased? Thanks.

    • Actually, I saw that interface change is no big deal at all for the book, seems it concerns just color and icons, icons are still almost identical (and I think there also is the option to use old skin). Read 15% of book already and happy I got it, very, very useful.
      Harmony is almost magical, but it is hard to learn the interface and tools, even when constantly using the onlince documentation, so the book is a great help.

  2. I really enjoyed your book so far, I am about half way through it and I love that you make it enjoyable to learn. I can feel your personality through the words of each lesson, tips and hints. It definitely makes learning less painful and numbing when you can connect with those who you are teaching. Something that I think is one of the biggest elements that are missing from the educational system. I forward to following you and your exploits as time goes on, not only to see your growth, but also those who you have had an impact on, such as myself. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hello Adam!
    Just writing to see if there are any plans for an update to your book to include the latest release of Harmony.

    • Hi Josh, it’s possible, but chances are it would be an ebook sold directly from this site. I’ll announce it when the time comes.

  4. Using your book at 2 colleges- students enjoy how you write. We are hoping for an update..maybe through your site? I am a little unclear on a few things and Gosh those tutorials on Harmony at the official site are so very dull.
    Do you do all your projects as individual scenes and then edit them in Premiere? That is what I am advising but would love your feedback. I am coming up for air and plan a personal project to really get my chops up.Am liking the software so far.


    • Hi Pam, thanks for the feedback! While entirely possible to combine multiple scenes in a single file, the typical (and recommended) workflow in Toon Boom is to have each scene a separate file, then sequence them together in Premiere or any other video editing program. Keeps everything very tidy while maintaining reasonable file sizes.

      • Thanks Adam- I upped the usage of your book through a summer class and 2 Fall classes. I will also be using it in the spring. Hope those checks are getting bigger. Maybe over Christmas break I can dive back into the Special fx work I started through your course.

        I enjoy what you share with us about your work methodology!

  5. Hey Adam, I know the hours of heart and soul you poured into this manual as it is so comprehensive and brilliant! I keep going through sections depending on what I’m working on. My time taken to do projects has reduced considerably because of A2H. Now I can jump back into all of those assignments waiting for me on your fx course! Cheers,
    Brett from Cardytoons, Melbourne.

  6. Your book has been great! I have been using it with great success. The Toon Boom tutorials on their site give these narrow windows but I really enjoy your tutorials and the way you structured your book. It would be great to see you update and include a work methodology from start to finish maybe using your music video Into the woods? Now a year of working with your book under my belt, I have been able to do more special effects! I’s such a good program. Unfortunately the Powers that be are talking TV Paint. Have you used it?
    And have you seen a preview of Adobe Animate? I am wondering when they kill Flash if they are making it hard to use like Adobe Edge?
    Anyway- I ramble. Just want to give you great feedback from my experience and from my students!

    • Glad you like the book! Thank you for the update. No I haven’t used TV Paint yet, though I did download a demo, but never found the time to use it. I hear about it now and then and I hope to try it on a short project some day. As for Adobe Animate, I’m a CC subscriber so I’ll check it out when it comes, though that wouldn’t exactly be a priority.
      Regarding my Toon Boom tutorials, I have some new advanced Harmony tutorials in the works but I’ve considered also doing a new beginner series, similar to what I did for Animate 2 a few years back.
      Thanks again to you and your students!

  7. I’m making my way through the book and it’s a fantastic resource. If you do ebook updates covering the latest version of Harmony I’ll definitely buy it. Do you have video tutorials online anywhere?

  8. HELLO Adam,

    I have not read the book yet, and it looks like you did a fantastic job doing the publication. What are you doing now? Are you an animator full time? Are you self employed? Do you work for a school? What is your status now? I say that because I would like to ask you some questions about doing a training course via the Internet based on your book using the Harmony software. We are a school, located in Canada. We want to do training ONLINE. I suppose you are located in London, England? I think there is a four or six hour time difference.

    Please contact me via email, or you can phone me at 416-292-0003. That would cost $$$ so we can use Skype if you want? Please advise.

    Gary Dawson
    NetPlus College – Online Training Manager

  9. hey, i got Harmony 16…and i have never used it before…is your book useful for this version?

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