A long time coming

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Jul 042010

So whaddya think? Smells lovely huh?
If you know me, you know that a site overhaul has been on my to-do list for several years. And yet, it’s only been 4 days since the ball finally got rolling. I’ve made several attempts over the last couple of years, waving cash under the noses of friends or acquaintances. I only finally got it done by posting a job on oDesk and working with someone I’d never met before. That someone is Pavel from Russia. Thanks Pavel!

It’s a huge relief to finally have the site organised. With the former setup, updates were irregular and infrequent simply because of the outdated method I was using. I’d be writing them in Dreamweaver, embedding images, video, links, whatever.. then uploading them through FTP. Now though (in case you were wondering) it’s all powered by WordPress, so everything is done in the browser.


Anyway you’ll notice that you can comment on pretty much anything now, so have a look around, search, subscribe, register, comment, report broken links, make suggestions, complain about ad positions, otherwise enjoy! You may come across one or two things that are “coming soon” and they’ll be updated over the next couple of days.

If you’re new here, thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Looking good adam :).

    Only problem is that there doesnt seem to be a link to the forum on the main page.

    • BiteyCastle Community: on the right column. I’ll make a more visible graphic for it 😉

      • Oh wow that really is hidden. I really think there has to be a link up the top nav bar as well as it is where i would expect it to be.

  2. Hmm…. Definitely getting Word Press. This should help things out big time. Like the new layout.

  3. Nice!

  4. interactiveness!! woo
    and i agree with forum, should be on top nav as well 😉

  5. I like it. Feels very professional now. I’d shake your hand in congratulations if I could.

  6. Really pro, I like it!

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