Checking in, up and out

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May 072013

It’s been quiet as a coffin for a while thanks entirely to my workload. Earlier I was holding off writing a new post because I expected to announce a couple of new projects, but those were delayed. Anyway, I can now post a few pics of what I’ve been working on and talk about what’s on my plate at the moment.


All the Brackenwood Character sketchbooks have been delivered to the Kickstarter backers which, even though long overdue, is a huge weight off my face. As far as the game itself, it hangs in limbo at around 85% while we desperately claw our way back to a financial position that allows us to finish it. We’re reasonably confident that this will happen in the coming few months.

Most updates are posted to the Dashkin Facebook page first, so check it out if you haven’t already.


bobsBob’s Burgers

I’ve been doing the occasional FX scene for the animated US prime time show Bob’s Burgers. It started with the mechanical shark animation, then one or two FX scenes here/there, like fire and electricity. Now it increasingly looks like I’m becoming a regular FX animator for the show. It’s fun work, the people are awesome and the episodes are hilarious. The show is created with Toon Boom Harmony so I can work directly in the scene files and deliver my FX .tpl files (Toon Boom elements) via FTP.


Clear Vision 2

Game developer Dan Erhard Olsson has been keeping me busy doing backgrounds for his mobile sniper game called Clear Vision 2 (available on Android and iOS). Here are a few of the backgrounds. I’m creating them entirely in Toon Boom Harmony and delivering to him in .png format, in some cases with layering, so characters can walk behind scene elements.

click images to see larger versions

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