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Oct 312006

[swfobj src=”/flash/biteycastle/333am.swf” width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”center” required_player_version=”10″]ugh, Flash Player Required[/swfobj]

Another Halloween short.

Sorry about the watermark. That’s my old site-locking ActionScript coming back to haunt me.

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  1. jeanie mackers that scared da livin daylights outta me!!!!!!

  2. Holy Shit!!! I wasnt expecting that

  3. that ws epic!at first i thought biteyy would come but then BAM!that made me jump…

  4. is it the same thing from the other short?

  5. damnit! it’s 4:30am and now Im not gonna be able to go to sleep… guess I’ll get back on WoW… after I finish watching everything on this site. =P

  6. you scared my dog!! lmao

  7. holy chiken shit!!!!

  8. You ought to make a series about these creatures.

  9. BUWWAAAA (falls of of seat) bloody funny stuff

  10. You rotten bastard. I just pooped my pants!

  11. hahahaha! loved that! got a cat that’s just like that f#@3r!

  12. lol i loved it it made my dogs start barking at my PC my i loved it ROFL

  13. what the f**k was that all about.the first time i saw an evil fish eat an old man after I saw the video my lil bro kame up stairs and said can i see so im like sure so he watched it and after the vid he freaked out so much he cried his eyes out. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  14. my dogs barked also

  15. That video left me whimpering in a corner in the fetal position. Good job mate. 😉

  16. i just jumped back and slammed my head into a wall :C also i’m afraid to get off my bed … help

  17. Well ya shit-ass I’ll not be using them knickers again!

  18. ow mah GOWD scary but was that bitey?

  19. Heh, nice, I almost got to the point of massively increasing volume to see if there are some sounds. Considering I had my headphones on, I would undoubtedly jump a little more on my chair.

  20. OMG I Sooooo hate u right nw wtf….. I just had a heart attack

  21. holy crap i all most peed my pants! lol this video is awsome happy halloween eveyone hope it’s a scary fun one

  22. AUGH You’re always so brutal Adam!

  23. Dude even though i was expecting it, it still scared the crap out of me! LOL great job!

  24. my mum called me just as the monster popped up and the headphones were full boar and i was scared out of my wits

  25. It was a bad idea to watch this late at night…..

  26. it wont play for me eneny reson y adam pleas help I love your vids

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