30 Shorts in 30 Days

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Sep 302007

(People’s Choice – Flash Forward, San Francisco 2007)

This is my favourite project to date. It was an experiment in site traffic where I thought that releasing something new EVERY day without skipping a beat would bring in loads of traffic. Along with it would come AdSense revenue.

The experiment failed miserably because 1 month isn’t long enough to increase traffic. The idea was that at least one of the thirty would go viral, but that wasn’t to be. I concluded that visitor numbers to a site increase over a much longer period and if I had created a 365 Shorts in 365 Days, it may have paid off more handsomely.

Even so, this is the most fun I’ve ever had with animation and don’t regret it one bit. Some of these are my proudest moments in visual gags.

How it worked: each of these was written and animated entirely in a single day. In most cases, around 6 hours. I had a list of ideas and each night, I’d write one on the page, think about it for a bit, then animate it in the morning. Sound effects were recorded and added on the same day, before finally uploading it to the site.

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  1. What song is that in #17? Excellent peace by the way.

  2. that was just amazinggg <3

  3. I remember years ago when you published them and how fascinated I was watching them, always wanting to see more. Is in your plans making some more of these kind of animations/gags? I mean, not in a marathonic way as you did before, maybe animating less clips per month, but keeping the short clip formula / high laughter formula?

  4. Maybe 1 a month. That would keep me coming back every month. As of now I just check in when I remember to do so. To catch up on what I missed, but if there were guaranteed dates when I could come back to see an update I’d be back each time.

  5. Okay, I just want you to know! you did a hilarious job! sooo funny!
    this is the kinda stuff you wanna find!
    keep up the good work!

  6. Absolutely wonderful! And I truly admire your dedication to your craft! Many blesses so you can keep doing it

  7. “The Fight” and “Shutup” were HILARIOUS!!! <3

  8. Wow. These shorts are really interesting. Some of them are a little disturbing just thinking about someone ACTUALLY doing them (such as Razor), but hilarious in that sort of schadenfreude kind of way. Thanks for all the entertainment over the years (I’ve been watching on Newgrounds for a long time — since Bitey of Brackenwood first came out).

  9. OW nice! i love this shorts!

  10. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I loved Shutup and Brisk Walk. I hope you get round to another 30 shorts soon.

  11. ……………………………………………………………..wow ummmmmmmm LOL ROTFL TOTLLY BEASTIN

  12. Like n_-

  13. that was sooo awesome!!!!!!!

  14. me encantan! son todos una masa, los mejores shut up, the fight y la del gato!

  15. Amazing ! 😀 I die laughing ! But I didnt understand n°26 (the vampire)… Anyone can explain it to me ?

  16. Thank you)) Its amazing

  17. Bravo!

  18. These are great animations…great fun and a good laugh…
    I love the hitchhiker and your 30 shorts, excellent animation
    keep up the good work =]


  20. im a big fan mr adam phillips… as a toonboom user your tutorials are the best ive scene thus far… and i also enjoyed your bitey of brackenwood … excellent work..

  21. My favs are 1,2,9,11,13,14,17,19,20,27 and 28. Awesome sauce!

  22. Number 14! High Larious!

  23. Oh No.22

    I literally laughed out loud. Know that feel.

  24. I reference these all the time with my girlfriend. “Awwwwwww SHUT UP!” and “lalalalla-lalala!” and our favorites.
    So we’ve decided you are going to write another 30. Get to it, chop chop!

  25. I love the turquoise on you, it's so lovely. I must get clued up on Liberty, it's a brand I seem to have neglected in the past.What an immaculate find though, there is nothing more satisfying than finding a bargain like that! xxx

  26. Heel leuk om ook de settings en uitleg van de nabewerking te krijgen. Zo kan je ook goed zien hoe je een SOOC beeld toch kan omtoveren in een knappe foto

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