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Drop me a line here. If I'm slow to respond or don't reply, it could be for any of the following reasons

  • I'm asleep, injured or dead
  • I'm drowning in deadlines
  • Your question is already answered on my FAQ (see below)

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  • Are you available for hire? What’s your rate?

I charge an honest hourly rate which generally only changes if the schedule is tight. Please let me know the following:

  • Schedule. This usually decides up front whether or not I can say yes, taking into account my existing work commitments.
  • What your project involves. Any visual reference or written description is helpful. A storyboard, some concept art or character/background designs: IDEAL!
  • Budget (optional). If you know your budget: great! If you don’t have any idea how much animation costs, don’t worry, I can break down the cost to help you see what’s involved.
  • Will you make a 5 minute music video for my band? We have a budget of $500.

General rule for very simple animation: a minute per week.

That is, for simple animation I like to have about one week’s working time for each minute of animation (60 sec = 1440-1800 frames). For 5 minutes of animation allow around 5 weeks.. therefore, even if you’re family, at $100 a week I’m likely to decline.

  • What tablet do you use?

I get results with my old Wacom Intuos 3 tablet (9×12.. they don’t make that size any more). It has lasted me since 2005 and barely has a scratch.

Whether or not you switch to a tablet monitor is a very personal choice. For traditional artists who can’t get used to the hand-eye disconnect of a tablet, it might be the answer. However, for those of us accustomed to working with a tablet, I don’t really see it as any kind of “upgrade”. So while I’ve done some testing with Cintiqs, it’s not something I feel is necessary in my case and certainly not worth the price tag.  I’m also a gamer, so I like my monitors slightly further away than arm’s length.

  • How’s the Dashkin game coming along?

Despite the successful Kickstarter campaign and a lot of anticipation, it has unfortunately become a “free-time” job. Because it doesn’t bring in any income, we can only work on it in our spare time. If there was a gun at my head and I was forced to give a date estimate, I’d say mid-2014.

  • Where can I download all the music from your movies?

I never got around to packaging them all up for download, but someday I will. The Yuyu song doesn’t belong to me, so I don’t have the rights to give it away. For Brackenwood music by Lee Miller, you can contact him directly at his website.

  • Why did you leave Disney?

I resigned after 11 years because my website was doing well, my silly little Flash shorts were gaining attention and I was turning down work offers every week. It made sense to take advantage while I could. It was the hardest decision of my life to leave a dream job at Disney but it turned out to be a smart move at the time; Disney’s Australian studio closed down 18 months later and I had the perfect head start on making my name on the internet.

  • Why don’t you use Flash any more?

Timeline animation is a thin wedge of the Flash pie. As such, I honestly don’t think we as animators matter to Adobe. To be fair, Flash is an excellent development tool for web apps, sites and games. When it comes to animation, it’s capable of a lot, but it’s still just a toy; good for learning and a bit of fun, but the better you get at Flash animation (especially if you want to take your animation outside of the SWF format), the more frustrating it becomes. I still use Flash for occasional projects, for example if a client is using Flash and needs me to deliver my work as Flash files.

  • When is the sequel to The Last of the Dashkin coming?

The sequel will be the biggest Brackenwood project ever undertaken, by anyone. In human history. For that reason, it’s a very slow mover. I’ve written the script, completed half of the storyboard and finished one scene. It’s the next project on the list right after the Brackenwood game.

  • When is BCA chapter 5 coming?

As of Dec 2013, that’s about halfway through.

  • Will you 1/ look at my showreel? 2/ give me some tips?
  1. Yes.
  2. Possibly (but probably not, sorry). I’m building the Academy section of this website in response to emails asking for tips, lessons, mentoring, etc.
  • How did you come up with Brakenwood?

You spelled that wrong.

  • The song in 30 Shorts #17 ‘Brisk Walk’?

Breakdown” by The Alan Parsons Project

  • What’s the ‘ghost choir’ music from?

A heavily altered sampling from a track on “Aquitania” by Sequentia

  • Are you really 109?

yyyyyyyy-no. Nnnnnnn-yes. yyyyyyyyy… nnnnnnn yyyyyyyyy nnnnnnnnn..

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