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Jul 302011

I was recently given an opportunity by Wizards of the Coast to come up with my own ideas for a DnD-themed webcomic. I’m not sure exactly what their plans are for this new section but it appears they’re simply getting a bunch of artists together and gauging which makes an impact. Here is the full list of artists and comics published so far.

The idea I came up with is a small group of wannabe heroes who sit in a tavern watching adventurers coming and going. They’re basically dumb, unskilled villagers who dream of glory but have no idea where life is leading them. The strip is called “Life at the Top”, though I neglected to incorporate the title on my pages.

My first two pages introduce two of the main characters (a gnome and a dragonborn), setting up their relationship and personalities. Each page is a simple standalone gag but if this continues, I’d introduce their peers and a few storylines.


For what the commission called, I spent far too long on these (about three days each). As you can see, they ended up more like graphic novel pages than syndicated strips. Time will tell what comes of it (if anything) but as comics were my first love, I really enjoyed doing these and hope something happens. In the meantime, you can help out by using the Tweet and Like buttons at the bottom of those pages.

RedBox Ninjas

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Sep 202010

My most recent assignment is now live on the Wizards website. Like the previous D&D cartoons, it’s a promo short but this one is for the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box. I storyboarded from the script and it came out at 3½ mins, so I went ahead and completed it. Just before it went live though, I was asked to edit it down to around 2½ mins to improve the pace and comic timing. The result is a much more effective, snappier short which I’ve embedded below. However, you can see my uncut version – complete with an extra gory courtesan death – on my own YouTube channel here.

The software I used was Animate Pro 2 (of course) which allowed me to do the sweet 2½D environments, lighting and filter FX.

Seems to be pretty well received so far. Discussion is happening here on the Wizards site and here on the Brackenwood forum.


Sneak Peek

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Sep 092010

I’ll embed the new D&D movie here when it’s live.. should be in a day or two. For now, here’s a coupla small pics:

This is all created with the drawing and painting tools in ToonBoom Animate Pro.


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