Almost Here

My Super Saiyan gif goes viral for the second time, declared by Josh Levin of Slate mag as “The greatest gif in the history of gifs”. Also, my book, coming in Sept 2014.

From Animate to Harmony

Whether you use Animate, Animate Pro or Harmony, my upcoming Toon Boom book will get you started. It’s called “Animate to Harmony: The Independent Animator’s Guide to Toon Boom”.

Falling up

The release of Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 brings amazing new blur and turbulent noise effects.


Ever get that thing where your finances don’t reflect how busy you are? Like somehow the money doesn’t seem to justify working your eyes to the bone? Yeah me too. Story of the independent professional in the 21st Century huh? It’s a good thing I love what I’m doing, for the most part. Here’s ►►

DnD Webcomic

I was recently given an opportunity by Wizards of the Coast to come up with my own ideas for a DnD-themed webcomic. I’m not sure exactly what their plans are for this new section but it appears they’re simply getting a bunch of artists together and gauging which makes an impact. Here is the full ►►

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