Dashkin Game

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Nov 292010

Work on the Bitey game is progressing at a decent pace. Sean and I have changed direction once or twice as we figure out ways to accomplish certain things and push limitations of Flash.

One thing I’m learning is that in a game we simply cannot overload the Flash Player with insanely intricate vectors that are typical in my movies. Sean set a RAM budget that’s split between us, so with my share, I can decide where to put fine detail, extra layers, more FX, smoother animation, etc.

Anyway, there’s not much to show besides placeholders, so for now here’s a couple of rough Biteys:

I’m doing all the art assets in ToonBoom Animate Pro, then exporting as SWF which we import directly into Flash for Sean to work with. Why am I doing it this way? Simply because ToonBoom’s colour palette management and rotating workspace makes drawing and animation so easy.. and also because I’ll be recolouring entire backgrounds for various times of day, seasons, etc. Recolouring complex artwork in Flash is a bit of a nightmare.

We’re both working on this full time, so there are more updates to come in the weeks ahead.


New Brackenwood stuff

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Nov 172010

As my latest contract on Dragon Age Legends winds down and before a new one starts, I want to go crazy on Brackenwood to make some ground on a few things:

New Brackenwood Game

Over the coming weeks you’ll see screenshots and updates on a full featured, brand new Bitey game which I’m making with the help of Flash games creator Sean McGee. The player will guide Bitey through various Brackenwood environments at suitably high speeds encountering challenges and obstacles along the way, whilst unravelling a certain mystery. More info to come soon, but for now, here’s the first image.

Working on a bare bones gameplay prototype with placeholder graphics


New Brackenwood movie

I swore it wouldn’t happen but yep, it’s been 12 months since I released LotD and you’ve grown tired of asking me when the sequel will be done. Due to this year being packed with Wizards of the Coast work (illustration and animation) and EA2D (Legends, of course), I’ve had very little time to work on Brackenwood. I got some writing, storyboarding and one or two scenes done in the beginning of the year, so things are waiting for me to get started again. Once again I can’t give a release date, but here’s an image to whet your appetite (and to prove I’ve done something).

Someone planting trees by moonlight.

You can follow Lemonee Wee and Bitey on Facebook. Bitey doesn’t talk much, apart from mashing the keyboard whenever I remind him to update. Lemonee Wee is a bit more interesting and occasionally posts updates and photos of movie progress.


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Jun 252010

To complement EA/Bioware’s gritty RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, EA2D created Dragon Age Journeys. It’s adventure role playing with turn-based combat in the fantasy genre (spells, swords, monsters, etc.) Built with Flash, it’s free and played directly in the browser. EA2D is a division of EA Games. They took Daniel Stradwick, a hugely successful indie game designer/programmer and myself, an angry little goblin, and they built a team around us. I’m responsible for all the art and animation, as well as some design.


Chapter 1 has been online since late 2009 and has received favourable reviews (you can also play it here on Kongregate). We are currently working on the next bit which we hope will be announced in a matter of weeks.

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