The Boulder Topples

I did lots of things in 2012 and the 2013 schedule is crammed with new stuff. Here’s the last gasp before the apocalypse!

Effects and Shirts

The BiteyCastle Academy 2D FX animation course is now open! The place is all warmed up with almost 140 members (update: 300), throwing back tankards of piping hot secret knowledge nectar and churning out their effects assignments. It’s $24/month for a course that animators would elsewhere pay through the nose. In fact, if you’re a passionate animator, you ►►

Dashkin Intro

The Dashkin intro cinematic is finally here! Music by Lee Miller. Narration by Raymond Coyle.

Into the Woods

My second music video, which I wrote and animated for Cilla Jane’s song “Into the Woods”.

Dashkin and Music

There’s a good reason I haven’t updated in 2 months. Dashkin has now got a sponsor and I’ve been holding off on making the announcement until contracts are finalised. However, as these things go, we’ve been held up and I won’t be making the official announcement just yet. So rather than stay quiet until I ►►

Dashkin Game

Work on the Bitey game is progressing at a decent pace. Sean and I have changed direction once or twice as we figure out ways to accomplish certain things and push limitations of Flash. One thing I’m learning is that in a game we simply cannot overload the Flash Player with insanely intricate vectors that ►►

New Brackenwood stuff

As my latest contract on Dragon Age Legends winds down and before a new one starts, I want to go crazy on Brackenwood to make some ground on a few things: New Brackenwood Game Over the coming weeks you’ll see screenshots and updates on a full featured, brand new Bitey game which I’m making with ►►

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