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Jun 252012

Dashkin was in “development hell” for almost a year. My own excitement and confidence in the game were dissipating. Sean couldn’t even look at it without feeling sick because it had grown larger and messier, far beyond what it was originally designed for, with many new features tacked on. The .fla was unstable, slow and the situation growing more and more depressing.

So just a couple of weeks ago Sean made the difficult decision to start rebuilding. From scratch.

It’s not a redesign, but rebuilding has given us opportunities to make the game better in many ways. The problem with Dashkin 1.0 was that we started with a cute little prototype, but adding its features made it fatter, slower and sweatier every day. It was still pretty to look at but every addition caused new bugs or performance problems.

Since the decision to rebuild from the ground up, we have the benefit of all the lessons learned on version 1.Β For build 2.0 we now know what the finished game will be and how all the features work within. We’re working strictly from a comprehensive game document that details almost every aspect and we’re not deviating from that.

The result of all this is that we’ve made more progress in the past couple of weeks than in the previous 8 months. We’ve now overtaken the point at which Dashkin 1.0 almost fell over and pace is actually increasing. On top of all this, the game uses a single-figure percentage of the processing power version 1 required. Even the file size is less than a third of what it was this time last year.

As progress rockets skyward, we’re now more excited than ever at what we’re seeing. It’s finally coming together and playing it feels great. The image above is a screenshot of the new level editor (click to see the editing UI), which allows instant playback of any part of the level as you build it. This means that everything in the level can be precisely positioned, and tested in real time with a keystroke. Sean is still deciding whether or not the editor can be a part of the full release but if you ask me, it’s amazing and must be shared with the world.

If you have any questions about Dashkin for Sean or myself, please head over to:

  • formspringΒ – A. Phillips – ask me anything
  • Dashkin Game on FacebookΒ – loads of regular screenshots and Dashkin news
  • Dashkin Game on Twitter

oh, before I go, please help this guy:

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  1. Remarkable! Its truly amazing paragraph, I have got much
    clear idea on the topic of from this paragraph.

  2. So, anything happening with the game? is it done, or are you totally done with it πŸ˜›

  3. Hi Adam. Why do not you use Mac (or Mac Book Pro) for your working process? Is it less comfortable comparing to PC?
    Interesting to know your opinion about it.

  4. I remember watching this when I was in middle school. I recently remembered about this site and looks like I’m back just in time for the party. Rock on guys, your work has inspired me to create my own world in writing.

  5. I’m so excited for Brackenwood coming back! I hope things are coming by quickly!

  6. Good luck guys! Watched your first movie when I was 14, had me wanting to be a flash artist for all of 10th grade.

  7. I believe in you guys. Take all the time you need.

  8. Good News! I’ve had a few projects where I felt the same way and it was much easier after just starting from scratch. By the way, awesome mood set in that picture, man.

  9. Quality over quantity. I very much look forward to seeing the end result

  10. Better to release a product you can be proud of. Nothing worse than releasing something and looking back wishing you had done it right. I’m glad to hear your enthusiasm’s renewed. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  11. As excited as I am about the game, I just wish you’d make more Bitey animation shorts. They’re just so amazing.

  12. sounds awesome. hey, do you reckon you could (after Dashkin is out of course) release that original ‘cute little prototype’ maybe on your site?

  13. I feel I must voice how cool it would be to have the level editor with the release- for me that’s one of the best parts to play with when it comes with awesome indie games like this is gonna be. It’s exciting to hear about the progression. Looking great!

  14. I feel for you. Most likely I will have to rebuild the game that I’m working on for grad school from scratch too!

  15. I remember seeing the Brackenwood series on Newgrounds so many years ago, and on a whim decided to look it up today. I am really excited that there is more content coming for this series and it’s still being updated. Keep up the good work. I’d love to hear more of the story!

  16. I just learned about the donations. Is there still some way to support you guys? I’m 11 and am telling all my friends about the game, so at least you have a bigger audience now! You are seriosly my hero. thank you for brightening my day( I’m geussing you hear that a lot!

  17. I’m really glad to read an update on the game, I was starting to think it was lost in the dark depths of the interwebs for all time. I’m still excited for the game, and I’m sure all of this is for the better! I am curious about some of the kickstarter items though. I donated and was really looking forward to some of the rewards I was supposed to be getting, specifically the character sketchbook. So my question is, are these items still going to be rolling out?

    • yeah man, of course! The sketchbook killed the momentum a lot because there was a printing delay (due to a formatting mistake on my part). I can only assure you that the game is almost done and we will not abandon our backers.

  18. Thanks for the update.

    Things always go faster the second time thru. I’m sure you’ll be much happier with the game having done this.

  19. Thanks for the update. Still looking forward to it!

    <3 Bitey

  20. You can do it!! I’m excited to see the outcome. Hang in there!

  21. I am still very Excited Can’t wait for this game! Keep Being Freaking Awesome Adam!

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