My first Flash movies

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Jul 122000

These are the first Flash movies I ever made. As embarrassing as they are, I leave them here as proof that we all have to start small and clumsy. Since these early beginnings in 2000, I have gone from aimless hobbyist to independent animation professional, earning a decent living, working my dream job from home.

I have these movies to thank for starting things off.

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  1. Dude I Love your liquids. even in these old animations your liquids look phenomenal!

  2. Way Cool… That gives me hope that I can work out my ideas for cartoons. Thanks, Way Cool!

  3. I saw it eons ago, but I still love the wishing well one. It’s such a corny gag and the music is priceless.
    The way she says closes her eyes as she says ‘sweep me off my feet’ is the kind of detail which makes the scruffiness charming.
    I couldn’t imagine for example a Higher quality version being any more charming or suited to the humour.

    • there’s an extra word ‘says’ in that last message; please ignore it.
      (Also, what an odd mistake to make; an entire, correctly spelled word placed randomly in a sentence)

  4. No MidNight. Me, i mean little kids, never learn. stupid little kids. (STOP ABUSING URSELF AIDAN!!!)

  5. I really enjoy of you’re animations, =)

  6. First attempts are still awesome. All I do is make my (SUPPOSEDLY fluid) Humanoid characters walk like robots. BAD ones. I liked the Pokies arcade. Little kids never learn, do they?

  7. buahahahahaha
    just aweeeeesome!!!

  8. dude, you said you had to start off small and clumsy but all those animations were better than average!

  9. LOL THE middle one made me laugh!! I wanna do animation too one day

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