Dashkin Intro

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Jul 012011

Dashkin Progress *

Things have certainly changed and evolved over the course of this project, but the biggest change by far occurred just a few days ago. Our original sponsor no longer exists as the group of people with whom we set out to do business. We were kindly given two alternatives: put Dashkin on the shelf for several months to see how things pan out, or take our game to another sponsor. Considering the Dashkin-loving community is still waiting eagerly for news of a release date, we chose to cut and run. So for now, we’re completely independent again.

(edit: don’t get me wrong. If it weren’t for that original sponsor, we would have released an inferior game 2 months ago. The people there are fantastic and I’d work with them again in a second if I could. We have them to thank for the game we have now)

The first and most obvious option is to find a new sponsor. The alternative is to self-publish. The downside of the latter is that we don’t get paid upfront for our efforts thus far. It has now been 7 months since we started on Dashkin and the two of us have reluctantly begun to take on other work to pay some bills. This loses us a lot of momentum and also pushes back the release date. The upside of self-publishing is that we get full ownership and a game marked only with our own brands.

We’ll see where it goes from here now, but rest assured we’re both still working hard on getting this game finished and released.

The Last of the Dashkin

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Dec 092009

2010 W3 Awards – Silver Award Winner
Category: Web Video > Animation

Where did he come from – this fleck of spite in an abandoned paradise? Who is this peace-shattering scourge of the forest? He is the last of the Dashkin, but in the rough language of wild creatures, he is known only as Bitey.

click above image to get high res.

The Last of the Dashkin fills in some of Bitey’s back story and poses a few questions about the world in which he lives.

This movie is my answer to those who said Brackenwood was nothing but a series of pointless scenes strung together. Up to this point, I’m inclined to agree so each new installment in the series from here on will be loaded with questions and answers on the history of Brackenwood and the future of her inhabitants.


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Nov 012007

While Waterlollies stands quite well on its own, it’s technically the conclusion of the trilogy. This is another milestone in the success of Brackenwood, winning awards and breaking records. The movie took the first Newgrounds Tank Award for Movie of the Year in 2007, and Cold, Hard Flash rated Waterlollies as Number 4 in the “Flash Animation 10 Best Animated“.

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