Bad Drawing

This was another attempt to make something from start to finish in a single day, but it ended up taking two. It’s also the first time I used Toon Boom instead of Flash for a personal work. I used Animate Pro 2 which, back then (early 2009), was known as Digital Pro. The response to ►►


This very short, scary piece was originally intended as a last-minute Halloween piece in 2004, but happened to finally get done 7 months later.


Part 1 – As with nightShift, this is another true story told to me by my father. Once again, it’s a story he heard from workmates around the fire at morning tea time. In this case it was a young fellow telling the story of his hitchHiking nightmare. HitchHiker and its sequel got me a ►►


A true story told to me by my father. No, this didn’t happen to him. It happened to an old workmate of his, who told the story one morning at tea break. If this happened to me, I’d never have told anyone!

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