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  • OMG how do you draw so well with a mouse??
    • I don’t. I use a Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet. I’m not interested in a Cintiq, at least not unless you wanna give me one.
  • Where can I download all the music from your movies?
    • I never got around to packaging them all up for download, but someday I will. The Yuyu song doesn’t belong to me, so I don’t have the rights to give it away. For Brackenwood music by Lee Miller, you can contact him directly at his website.
  • Does Disney regret firing you?
    • I wasn’t fired. I resigned after 11 years because my website was doing well, my silly little Flash shorts were gaining attention and I was turning down work offers every week. It made sense to take advantage while I could. It was the hardest decision of my life to leave a dream job at Disney but it turned out to be a smart move at the time. The studio closed down 18 months later and I had the perfect headstart on making my name on the internet.
  • Why don’t you use Flash any more?
    • Timeline animation is a thin wedge of the Flash pie. As such, I honestly don’t think we as animators matter very much to Adobe. To be fair, Flash is an excellent development tool for web apps, sites and games. When it comes to animation, it’s capable of a lot, but it’s still a toy. Good for learning and a bit of fun, but the better you get at animating in Flash (especially if you want to take your animation outside of the SWF format), the more frustrating it becomes. I still use Flash for certain projects, for example if a client is using Flash and needs me to deliver my work as Flash files.
  • When is the sequel to The Last of the Dashkin coming?
    • The sequel will be the biggest Brackenwood project ever undertaken, by anyone. In history. For that reason, it’s a very slow mover. I’ve written the script, completed half of the storyboard and finished one scene. It’s a way off, yet.
  • Will you A. look at my showreel? B. give me some tips?
    • A. Yes. B. Possibly (but probably not).
      I created the Academy section of this website in response to emails asking for tips, lessons, mentoring, etc.
  • How did you come up with Brakenwood?
    • You spelled that wrong, but anyway.. Brackenwood wasn’t a single idea that came to me one day. It evolved over several years and is still growing. It’s because of Bitey that the series has come this far.
  • The song in 30 Shorts #17 ‘Brisk Walk’?
    • Breakdown” by The Alan Parsons Project
  • What’s the ‘ghost choir’ music from?
    • a heavily altered sampling from a track on “Aquitania” by Sequentia
  • Are you really 109?
    • yyyyyyyy-no. Nnnnnnn-yes. yyyyyyyyy… nnnnnnn yyyyyyyyy nnnnnnnnn..

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  1. If you see the massege. I hope you can take a litte time to recevid me .I really hope I can learning very much new things with you . I belive that I am a luckly girl.

  2. Hello! I want you make friend with you! I come from china

  3. Dude, i’m from Dubbo NSW 🙂

    amazing work! you must be friends with Glen Mcgrath 😛

    • lol not exactly friends, but he was in the year above me at school. Doubt he’d remember me cos we didn’t hang out. Say hi to Dubbo for me, though Dubbo prob doesn’t remember me either 😛

      • Haha, that is pretty cool! That town knows how to produce talent lol. I will say hi to Dubbo next time i’m back home – uni in bigger colder Dubbo (Canberra).

        Any tips on how one would get started learning animation such as yours? I have adobe cs3 and decent drawing ability – i’m just a slow drawer lol…

        How do you know how to time things in regards to frames per second and when to add a completely new illustration as opposed to ‘tweening’?

        Sorry i’m sure you’re busy lol!

  4. yes, you are 😀 jk you’re awesome.

  5. Your sprite is cute. Did you make it yourself? It kinda looks like Paul Robertson’s stuff.

    • Tom Fulp commissioned someone to make sprites of popular NG characters and he gave me this one. I’m not sure who made it, but it’s awesome

  6. Sorry to take your time but I was wondering what is the choices of some of the music you use in the Bracken-wood series? It sounds Celtic or more European and I was trying to find more music of that genre for inspiration on drawing. Thanks again for your time.

    Jonathan Cruz

  7. I was wondering how much it would cost to have you design my personal animated project.

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