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Nov 012007

While Waterlollies stands quite well on its own, it’s technically the conclusion of the trilogy. This is another milestone in the success of Brackenwood, winning awards and breaking records. The movie took the first Newgrounds Tank Award for Movie of the Year in 2007, and Cold, Hard Flash rated Waterlollies as Number 4 in the “Flash Animation 10 Best Animated“.

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  1. Simply one of the best flash animations i’ve ever seen:)

  2. nicely done dude

  3. Dat water.

  4. its weird how at the end of the story of the waterlollies, it said wee’s name

  5. i didn’t think much of it the first time i saw this but this would mean bitey’s food instantly goes to his stomach and that his innards are just a sac of blood and giblets

  6. OMG it’s sooo awesome i fuckin’ love it :D

  7. i could image the massive cramps bitey would get when he drinks too much then does that running thing

  8. Wonderfully done! Loved the characters, Pan gets it in the end…you get what you give..Karma. Adam what are the water balls that come out of his tummy? Are they water seeds? I am having a disagreement with another water she says they are something like a tad-pole and are the water creatures babies.
    Mahalo for the show.

  9. also just wanted to point out that the clock on the website of yours has the wrong time and im not trying to be mean okay okay.by

  10. i personaly think all of the brackenwood movies you made are pretty awsome.

    just one question are you gonna make any more brackenwood movies?

  11. What is the thing he ate and expanded in his belly? Are those waterlollies? Is it a type of vegetable?

  12. haha, that’s great. What are those things he ate that grew?

  13. There’s been an audio lag on Waterlollies for a little while, just wanted to let you know. Also I was wondering, I know all Brackenwood movies up until now were made in flash and I wondering if Waterlollies and The Last of the Dashkin were as well or if you made them in ToonBoom? Thanks!

  14. Hey Adam. Awesome video! I’m a big fan of your work. About how long does it take you to make an animation such as this one???

  15. hey Adam, Just wondering but does Bitey have a tail?

  16. Hey Adam, Love the Video’s .And I was worndering Where DID you get the idea of creating Bitey in the first place? Just wondering. :) P.S AWESOME ANIMATION!

  17. Can you tell me what you use to animate?


  18. What type of Animation program do you use? just wanted to know I like to make comics of my own Charactor and I wanted to know how to animate


  19. the more of your series i see, the better it gets. Your entire world is just so imaginative, new, and, well… just… amazing. The variety of creatures, plants, and…lolly type things is fenomenal. maybe even make a section of the sight were all things brackenwood are listed and described, like an archive? just a suggestion. looking forward to the next video in the series.

  20. Amazing film! I resently discovered your videos and im extremly impressed!! And a new style of animation, i liked this one most.

  21. i liked the before play intro (:
    love this cap!!! the waterlollies are just amazing <3

  22. I almost feel bad… If your going to be a nuisance to the society, things will go wrong for you eventually.

  23. A beautiful, fun film! I still remember my mega excitement when i first saw it.

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